Where Art Thou?!


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We had planned the whole scene

how the day was going to go about

the sights, the sounds

the news had been broken

the cameras all set

the judge ready to be met


I dressed up in my fine suit

this time i wasn’t going to get the boot

sooner or later it was about to be my day

one way or another

Image result for raila swearing in

but my main man didn’t show up

alone an embarrassed i felt like a groom left alone at the alter

a wedding for one was the only shelter

standing alone, i could have done better.




Las Vegas Mass Shooting


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Mass shooting, mass death

mass screaming, mass tears,

many hurt, cant breath

for the lives lost, we cant repeat


where can the young ones go?

where will they escape to

the making of a metal machine

that brings pain so much so


one day a concert the other a club

one day a supermarket the other a church

a bunch of targets is all they were

a hole that was added to his perch


our heart goes out to all who lost their loved ones

to any whose heart was broken

for even with a mass shooting

we as the human race have mass love. ❤


A Cry For Syria


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White smoke signals the beginning of the nightmare

Screams, stink and sadness filled the air as hundreds fall

countless lose their breath as the clouds turn grey

why today, when will we ever get a break??


Assad has been fighting for a place to stand

on our land they don’t want to share

democracy is for the fools they say

and if we must die for our way i will!


Now the East has woken up,

because there are rules to be adhered to

the human race will not have anymore

children dying, families weeping.


But now we don’t know where this will lead

nor the reaction it will create,

all we can do is pray,

and cry for Syria.

Trump: The Unexpected Winner


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GOP 2016 Debate

A great and stout man you deem all to be

a real different treat for the world to see

from a man who was respected and loved by many

to an old man who seems to be getting off his money

like a joke you paraded onto the podium

and proved all to be fools when you emerged as champion

the worlds wonders never cease to amaze

and now we all sit back and wade through the maze….

Pray For South Sudan


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As i walk into the distance unsure of what the future holds,

questions riddle my mind.

why does this happen again?

why must we suffer this fate?


all our visitors are now leaving us and returning to their homes

no longer can they handle the injustices in our backyard

enough is enough and we need a way out too,

what about us? what if this is our home??


my tribe puts me in jeopardy anytime i walk on the street,

a walking target i have become

dead man walking i will always be.

all we can do is wait for a better time when the fighting will be done


when they put down their guns

and sign peace treaty’s

but in the meantime all we can do,

is pray for South Sudan.





Black Lives Matter


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If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention

to the ugliness that is happening in the nation

children are dying daily at the hands of the police

at the mercy of their families, and blood on their face


Many protest, hundreds cry,

For even a child knows its wrong, you cannot deny,

the seriousness of the situation is dire,

no longer can we conspire.


it is now getting to the point of no return,

the police versus the black communities makes my heart burn,

There must be another way around this,

A way to calm the mess.


Black lives matter,

White lives matter,

Green lives matter,

In conclusion ALL LIVES MATTER.










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Strong and full of pride,

Mohawk ruled the Savannah,

On the horizon was Nairobi countyside,

and his home was with his army.


As he lay on his rock he notices a hole, a crack

as a cat, his curiosity led him through,

little did he know that this journey

would be the one to land him on his back.


After hours of treading and curbing fears,

Exploring the new world that was new to him,

Watching the creatures who regularly peered at him,

Enjoying the environment that was once theirs.


in the distance Mohawk spots some food,

chickens, goats help increase his mood

slowly by slowly he goes to satisfy his desire

one more bite and I will go back to my brood.



This poem is dedicated to our fallen lion Mohawk. Let your example never be forgotten neither taken for granted. 




For the Fallen Soldiers


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Kenyan army soldiers ride on a vehicle at their base in Tabda, inside Somalia, Feb. 20, 2012


I sit in the camp holding onto my gun

it has now begun my comfort

it is my safety in the hostile environment

my shield when thing get wild


i think of my family back home

my daughter who just begun school

my son who needs to learn to ride his bicycle

my wife who yearns for my warmth in bed


however i protect my country

in the anthem i sing to bless the land and nation

and so God uses my strengths to complete his mission

and serve my President and make Kenya proud


today was a little different

a car approached our base and blasted into a million pieces

young men then raided the city and sent the residents fleeing

i grabbed onto my gun and ran towards the commotion


Jamo, Marto and my other colleagues were all hit

the blow was so bad, the cuts so deep,

they came onto our Africa Union base and killed 63 of my friends

fathers, brothers, sons an nephews


we weep with the amilies of those affected

their bravery is something that can never be taken for grante

thank you for protecting our land

thank you.

This is for our Kenyan soldiers.




A Black Friday In Paris


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The streets oozed with life and the air filled with excitement

The music was playing and the games were on

Children slept in their mothers laps

Couples ordered their ‘get me drunk’ shots



The city of love, the city of fashion soon turned sour,

Shots and bombs pierced through the busy night

Where are they coming from?

Who is doing this to us?


Crowds scattered

People shot

Many injured

This is not a Friday like any other.


Countless tears shed

It is a black Friday in Paris

A Friday, the whole world will remember.

Garissa 147 is not just a number


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Bullets pierced, blood flowed on the grounds of Garissa,

With it, the hopes, dreams and future of the nation,

A senseless and brutal end to a journey filled with so much hope,

Now the nation weeps and mourns the end of hope for our children.


A first job, promotion, home ownership and career progression you will never know,

A wedding, birth of a child, and the joy of raising your own you will never see,

Your potential, impact and minds we will never have,

Your loss is a loss to the nation and each of us.


The Government stands tall, covering its ears, hovering above,

At a time when precise decision is needed, public relations rules,

Pride is valued before humility, talk before action,

And now our students pay the price and die by the bullet.


The nation puts its trust in the One and only entity that cares,

The One and only who can show compassion and soothe our weeping hearts,

The One who can deliver us from evil and grant us victory,

The One True God that we can rely on at all times.

To the 147, We will forever mourn you, Rest in Peace.

To the 254, We need a Government and not a spectator.

To the 1, Hear our cries, protect us and be with the families of the 147.

To all of us: Life is precious, let us appreciate each day because we are alive.