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How come, how long,

Shall children die, will people suffer?

For over 50 years they have been fighting each other,

Too long lives have been lost, over land that is going under.

Many speak of sides to take,

Others argue, that they are more deserving and the other life is fake,

But the cries of each side is disgusting,

And would churn a corpse’s tummy.

We hate the killings that are going on,

We hate the disease of war, its wrong,

One side oppresses the other so,

The other side just sheds tears and more.

Why should the king lion give money to one side?

Why must they feed the fire with more acid?

For if one bomb leads to so many dead,

How is life when they happened each second?

The world cry’s for Israel and Palestine,

For all the mothers and fathers,

Their pain is unfathomable to many,

Too much for a normal person to privy.

You are in our prayers dear Gaza,

Do not think your cries don’t break our hearts,

And that the distance is our escape,

We are all one family, one home.

So Israel and Pakistan, How long?