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She says:

I dress up for me,

I am a beautiful , confident and sexy African woman,

Gone are the days of dictatorship,

My dressing is my form of self-expression,

Nobody can take that away from me!


He says:

Where does she think she is??

Raising my temperature as I try to go on with my business,

She is my sister, auntie and niece,

I do not approve of this, no way no how!


She says:

Look how they all stare,

I do not blame them, for I am a vision of beauty,

My soft silky chocolate legs are a wondrous gift from the Most High,

I will not apologize for my body.


He says:

She must remember this is Africa,

The things she sees on the television screens are a sorry excuse for the reality we live in,

In our land women cover themselves with shame and embarrassment,

Only for the lucky man who will buy the prize.


She says:

My body is my own,

If you lay a finger on me it is abuse!

A gross violation of my freedom as a woman,

And a disgrace to your male gender.


He says:

I dare you,

Step out in that indecent garb and I will make sure its your last,

I do not mince my words,

No more will you embarrass our society.


She says

I will stand up for my rights!

I cannot help what you think in your perverted minds

I will not stop at your baseless demands

For freedom we fought and the fight still lives on!


I say:

Let’s stand together and stand for what is fair,

How one dresses is their own personal right,

No law dictates how somebody should wear,

Women must come together and end this madness,

For when they strip one woman they strip us all!

Lets walk together on 17th November,

Women’s freedom should not and cannot be curtailed to serve egoistic ends,

Lets stop this disgusting and shameful trend.

Sign to be part of this petition here.

What do you say?